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Safeena Padder

Safeena Padder

I climbed Kilimanjaro in Early november 2019 through Almighty Kilimanjaro. I found it difficult to choose an operator so hopefully my review can assist others in making their choice. I chose Almighty Kilimanjaro mostly because they were quick to respond to all of my queries, seemed professional, their price was middle of the range that

I was looking at and also due to the fact they had another group climbing at the same time as me. I was climbing Kili alone (early 30s female from Singapore) and wanted to have other people around at the campsites at night. It was a group of 20, at first I was a bit taken aback, but because everyone walks at a different pace we would bump into each other but it wasn’t crowded. Almighty Kilimanjaro arranged for my transfers from Kilimanjaro international Airport to a Key’s hotel in Moshi . I was met by my guide Godfrey (excellent guide, more on that later) and we went over my gear and what I still needed to rent (Hiking pole, which I didn’t end). I began the 8 day lemosho route route on 2nd November and was hoping to sneak in just before the beginning of the rainy season, no such luck. Unfortunately it rained every day and visibility wasn’t great. The clouds would clear once in a while but overall I didn’t get that many great photos going up in the first 4 days. In an amateur mistake I thought my jacket was waterproof, turns out it was only water resistant (big lesson learnt there!) Godfrey arranged for a poncho for the summit night from one of the porters not going up the mountain. Tent, food and porters were all fantastic, but my biggest wrap has to go to my guide Godfrey. Not only was he always cheerful, always ready to play cards or chat during the evenings, but without him I don’t know if I would have made it up the mountain (and yes, I did reach the summit!) I set off at midnight and hit snow on the ground after about 10 mins. For most of the climb there was wind, rain and snow driving into my face, at various points there was powder up to my knees which made for very slow going. I’ll never forget the feeling of utter helplessness and tiredness I felt going up. At points I was quite prepared to lie down in the snow and go to sleep. I’m pretty sure I’ve blocked out some of it, or else I was asleep while walking. At no point did I even consider turning around but Bruno provided such good support, he basically held my hand the entire way and only allowed very short rest breaks. It took me close to 10 hours but I made it to the top (hurrah!) Of the large group of 20 trekking, All of them made it to the summit, and certainly not through lack of effort – all I can recommend is pole pole (slowly slowly) and having a personal guide with the one on one attention definitely helped. Going down is another challenge, there were a few injuries including a snapped tendon. The next day so many of us woke up with severe windburn, my nose and lips were sore (the parts not covered by the balaclava) but not like others whose faces had blistered and were oozing liquid. Apart from my big toes which were fine, it also took a good 4 months for the numbness to disappear from my other 8 toes (I’m not sure what the cause of this was, I had enough room in my boots, my boots were worn in from a good company in Singapore and I had good socks so they weren’t cold on the summit night). Overall, I can definitely recommend Almighty Kilimanjaro to anyone looking to book their climb, and if you have the choice definitely ask for Godfrey. He was excellent.