The best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is during two trekking seasons: January to March and June to October. These periods offer favorable conditions for a safe and enjoyable climb. Mount Kilimanjaro is accessible to climbers throughout the year, although some periods are more suitable for trekking than others. Although it’s technically possible to trek Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro year-round, there are certain months which are characterized by colder weather, more rain and potentially lots of snow on the summit.

January to March has average temperatures and low rainfall, providing clear skies and stunning views. Although not the driest season, it is still dry enough for a pleasant trek.

April marks the start of the wettest season, making it less ideal for climbing due to rain and muddy trails. Many tour providers do not offer tours during April and May.

June to August is almost an ideal time to tackle the mountain. The temperature and rainfall become steady, and the trails start to dry out. However, the nights can be very cold.

September is considered the optimum month to climb Kilimanjaro. The mild weather and low rainfall make it a favourite among climbers.

October to December offers warm temperatures, similar to the beginning of the year. However, rainfall starts to increase as the months progress. December is a popular month for climbing despite the rising rainfall.

In summary, if you want the best chance of a successful and enjoyable climb it is advisable to plan your Mount Kilimanjaro trip between January and March, or from June to September. Among these months, September is particularly recommended as the most favorable time for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


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Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and the fourth most prominent mountain on Earth.

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